Turnaround & Restructuring

BH&C has quite a bit of experience in both turnarounds and restructuring activities.  We work with all the organization's outside professionals - accountants, lawyers, benefit specialists, bankruptcy specialists, etc.  BH&C takes a holistic approach and focuses on the following"

  • Identify and stop financial hemorrhaging
  • Develop Go Forward Plans
  • Negotiate with vendors, lenders and investors
  • Restructure Balance Sheet, include negotiating with prospective investors and creditors.

Value Creation & General Management Consulting

BH&C focuses its intellectual capital and execution on assisting owners, Board of Directors, Advisors, and Senior Executives to create, maintain, and grow a value creation culture by:

  • Working with every part of the company to dive into the issues and challenges to provide straight forward, analytic insight.  Through experience, we understand that there are finite resources available to grow the company's market share, revenues, profits and positive customer experiences.
  • Focusing on normal operational activities.  Certain large cap companies are learning that exclusive focus on turnaround, restructuring, acquisitions, divestiture, joint venture or strategic partnerships cannot be a continuous practice to create value.  BH&C focuses on the core business, products/services, team, process, and relationships that create value through normal operating activities.

Interim Executive Management

During periods of transition, whether planned or not, BH&C acts as a reassuring, calming and some modicum of continuity presence during such periods.  We add value with both depth and breathe in quantitative and qualitative analyses to keep everyone in the organization focused on revenues and the bottom line.  BH&C maintains a certain sensitivity to such periods of transition and transformation due to the team (people) being a company's most important capacities:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer

Outsourced CFO

BH&C provides both strategic and execution services for organizations who cannot afford the expense of highly skilled financial executives or do not feel that the company is at the stage requiring a full time senior financial executive.  We perform the following:

  • Board Presentations
  • Presentations/Communications with Institutional Creditors and Investors
  • Management Mentorship
  • Planning, Executing & Communicating